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March Newsletter 2024


March 2024 Newsletter

Here’s our news and information for March.

Info & updates

·        Please make sure snack is in bags and not lunch boxes. The lunch boxes are put away to reduce stress; some children don’t understand why they can’t have their lunch at snack time.

·        Lots of spare warm clothes and a warm coat while it is still chilly out.

·        We have a closure day on Monday 11th March.

·        The farm is visiting on Tuesday 12th March, please see tapestry memo for more details.

·        World sleep day is on Friday 15th March, we will be wearing our pyjamas! Please see tapestry memo for more details.

·        We have an early Easter Break this year, the last day of Pre-School is Thursday 28th March, we return on Monday 15th April. 

Easter Eggs

We will be searching for Easter pictures in Joeys field on the week beginning the 25th March with a prize of an Easter egg (please see letter). We will also be doing some cold cooking to take home.

World Book Day

World book days is on Thursday 7th March, please feel free to bring in a favourite book for us to read.


Library Books

Please return all library books on Friday 22nd March, we will send more out after the half term.


Final Term

When we return after the break we will be entering our final term, we will be encouraging school readiness and independence for our older children going to school. There will be 13 weeks left to go- crazy!


Early Years Education and Childcare Statutory Guidance, and Funding for Working Parents of 2 year-olds.

The new early education and childcare statutory guidance for local authorities is now available. Services for Young Children will be reviewing the updated guidance to inform changes to our Hampshire Early Years Funding Terms and Conditions. The childcare offer is expanding, and working families of 2 years olds need to apply now for 15 funded hours.


Curriculum Spring Term: Helping Me

Intent: Helping myself so I can help others.

Policies to Review – Safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare

These are the polices we will be reviewing this term; they can be found on our website. Please let us know if you would like to make any changes to them.

·        Children’s rights and entitlements

·        ICT

·        Safeguarding children and child protection/Whistle blowing

·        Low level concern

·        Confidentially and clients access to records

·        Information sharing

·        Online safety, mobile phone and photographic images

·        Social networking

·        Staff safety including home visits

·        Babysitting

·        Looked after children

·        Supervision of children on outings and visits

·        Maintaining children’s safety and security on premises and intruder procedures

·        Uncollected child

·        Missing or absent child

·        Making a complaint

·        Tapestry  



Our inset days are:

March 11th, July 22nd and July 23rd 

That’s all for March, have a lovely Easter break!

From the Padnell Pre-School Team


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